How to Bounce Back from Post-Covid19 Weakness

How to Bounce Back from Post-Covid19 Weakness - INC.

It’s common knowledge that Covid-19 can prolong weakness, but do you know to what extent? Patients who catch the virus often go through drastic loss in appetite for months on end after recovery. Sometimes, this is followed by nausea, body ache, loss of taste and smell.

The dreaded disease can also result in rapid weight and muscle loss due to the damage caused to muscle fibres. Appetite loss, along with damaged tissues weakens the body further as it begins to lose essential proteins and nutrients. It is easy to be susceptible to other infections in this state.

Below is a simple guide for speedy-recovery from covid-19 and the unexpected side-effects it may cause.

Meal add-ons

Calories and proteins are key for muscle recovery and building bone density. However, it may be difficult to increase the amount you are eating on a daily basis when you are bouncing back from sickness.

One way to consume the right amount of calories effortlessly is by increasing meal add-ons.

Slip in extra bits of chicken, bacon, beef, gravy, stew, vegetables, sauce and mashed potatoes to increase your calorie intake. This is the simplest way to stick to your diet without drastic change.

Eat smaller amounts more frequently. Have as much as you are comfortable with, then rest for 2-3 hours before your next meal.

By decreasing the amount you eat per meal and spacing meals throughout the day, you will be getting the calories you need, without having to push yourself to eat more than you want.

Don’t forget to hydrate your body with at least six to eight glasses of water between meals.

Liquid calories

If keeping meals down is still a struggle, just grab a blender! Liquid calories are another term for shakes and smoothies. As mentioned earlier, you may continue to have nausea or appetite loss post covid as your body is still in recovery mode hence liquid calories become your best friend.

Make smoothies from an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits curb nausea, refresh taste buds and rejuvenate tired muscles.

You will not only get the vitamins and nutrients necessary, but also feel energized through a significant amount of calories in just a few sips.

Don’t have the time to chop fruits and vegetables for your smoothie? Simply add a scoop of protein powder and you’re good to go. a variety of supplements to boost strength not only offers an assortment of protein snacks and powders to keep you looking forward to every drink, but also includes a variety of multivitamins and mineral supplements to make it easier to get the right nutrients for a healthy body.

We have an entire section dedicated to weight management to aid you in your journey of permanent recovery from covid19.

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