Everything About Testosterone Boosters!

Everything About Testosterone Boosters! - MySupplements.ca INC.

Testosterone Boosters & Men

So I get asked by a lot of men about testosterone boosters, do they actually work? Are they needed? Side effects? How do I know if its right for me?
So I thought I’d run down the skinny for you guys in lame-ins terms since the internet can be full of confusing information that the common person can easily mistake or get consumed by. (Remember guys I am not a doctor, so if you’re unsure always speak to your physician first, I am only speaking from personal & professional experience in the nutrition and supplement industry).
So let's start with the importance of testosterone in men and how it can positively or negatively effect our health and bodies. Testosterone is basically the ultimate male hormone, like come on it basically aids us in building muscle-burning fat and the one we all want the most but are scared to talk about is increase our libidos! You can’t tell me that deep down we all don’t wish to maximize our sex life! Lol
So Basically Testosterone is what makes us men! Now that being said we do still need a healthy balance of estrogen in our bodies to keep our bodies running smoothly.
So in a nutshell with low levels or an improper balance of testosterone we will be prone to feel common issues such as mood swings, depression, anxiety, fatigue, loss of sex drive, lack of energy and fall into a slump of what we can sum up as lazy.

So why are my testosterone levels low?
Unless you have a medical condition (speak to your doctor) the most common issues that cause low testosterone in males are as followed:
Age: as we get older our testosterone will naturally decline.
Diet: a poor diet full of fast & processed foods are an instant killer to testosterone and are proven to elevate our bodies estrogen levels (we definitely don’t want that!) at least I know I don’t LOL
Lack of Nutrition: again back to diet, not getting the proper vitamins, micronutrients, fats, carbs and proteins from our diets.
Lack of sleep: sleep is where our body has the ability to produce more Testosterone and Growth hormone, as well as let our bodies recover.
Exercise: too much or too little exercise! Yes, I said it! To much exercise while not giving our bodies the supplementation, nutrition or sleep to allow and recover.
Lack of Supplements: I am adding this one because it needs to be said! For the average person, it is very difficult to eat a strict organic, well-nourished and balanced diet that will provide everything from A-Z, most of our foods today are processed, genetically modified or we just don’t live in the right geographical location to have access to fresh organics from every category that is needed.

So the main question do Testosterone boosters actually work!
The answer is yes!!! (Again unless you have a medical condition such as hypogonadism, you seek a doctors help)
Testosterone booster works by taking vitamins, minerals and herbs that help put our bodies in a nutritional state to optimize the production of testosterone in the body. When combining Test Boosters with a well-balanced diet I have personally seen some amazing results.
Faster recovery
Boost in libido! (Sexy time)
Increase in muscle mass
Lower body fat percentage
Better sleeps
increases mood & energy levels
Reduced stress

You can take individual ingredients that are said to help elevate natural testosterone levels such as:
Vitamin D
Omega 3s
D-aspartic acid
Maca root

Or you can just go for a complete all-in-one Testosterone Booster that has already been clinically formulated to get your body the optimal nutrients and ingredients that it needs to produce the maximum amount of testosterone that your body can!
Our best ones can be found under the category: Testosterone & Hormonal Support - Men
So Last but not least I’ll touch on the subject that I am sure you’re all thinking about. But wait….. what's the side effects!
Truth be told these are all-natural blends of herbs, vitamins and minerals and if we lived in a perfect world we would be introducing these things into our diet consistently on a daily basis. So as long as you’re following the guidelines outlined by the brands' usage instructions then you shouldn't even sweat it and are good to go! Now if you’re talking about an endogenous source of testosterone that a whole other topic! LOL