Everything You Need to Know About Fat Burners

Everything You Need to Know About Fat Burners - MySupplements.ca INC.

A super hot topic in supplements is and really always has been, fat burners! Even if you don't train or take supplements of any kind- if you have struggled with weight loss you have probably wondered about or even looked into these so-called “magic pills”.

In these few short paragraphs, I will do my best to give you the skinny-the scoop if you will on fat burners! Please remember I am not any kind of Dr. The information I'm giving you is based on my personal experience and almost 10 years in the fitness industry.

First and foremost, no fat burner can replace proper diet and exercise. they should be used in addition to a healthy lifestyle because the bottom line with losing weight is being in a caloric deficit! So even if you are taking all the fat burners nothing will work if you are eating more calories than you burn!
So what is a fat burner? They come in many forms however, the most popular are pills and powdered drinks. Both can be equally effective the only difference really is a personal preference.

Most contain very similar blends of supplements that can help boost your body’s ability to shed fat usually including but not limited to, Caffeine, Lcarnitine, green tea, Garcinia Cambogia and CLA just to name a few. Each ingredient works together in harmony with the others to do things like suppressing your appetite, increase your metabolic rate or give you more energy to get things done! I'm going to break down in layman's terms the best I can the purpose of each of the main 3 ingredients, Caffeine, Lcarntine and CLA.

: you probably think about a hot morning coffee and you’re not wrong however there is also caffeine in most fat burners why you might ask? do we need to wake up our fat before we burn it? Do YOU need to be more awake to burn fat? Not quite lol Caffeine has been proven to increase the mobilization of fatty acids from their stores. Once it's mobilized it can be carried to the muscle and used as fuel.
LCarntine: Known as a thermogenic, which means it increases your body temperature and metabolism. L-carnitine is normally produced in the liver and its primary purpose is to move fats into special parts of the human cell known as the mitochondria where they can be converted into energy.

: (conjugated linoleic acid) Basically CLA is a special kind of good fat that replaces our body's need for other bad or unhealthy fat. CLA encourages our body to burn calories that we have already consumed and decreases cravings for other bad fats.
So in a nutshell those are the main ingredients in any good fat burner. My personal favourite brand currently that I strongly recommend would be;

Energy Burner by Believe Supplements - This is a powder you mix with water and drink. the ingredients include, caffeine, garcinia cambogia, green tea and coffee, lcarnitine among other ingredients and it has an absolutely amazing appetite suppressant and 150 mg of caffeine which gives you a slight energy boost without the jitters!

Hope this helped and happy hunting!