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Axe & Sledge - The Grind - EAA + Hydration $54.99
Axe & Sledge - The Grind - EAA + Hydration The Grind is an EAA/BCAA + hydration formula developed for athletes. This essential amino acid and branch chain amino acid matrix will help you recover and stay hydrated through those intense training days. It's the perfect beverage for refuelling your body post cardio or training. The flavour profiles combined with the highest quality ingredients will have you recovering faster, all while enjoying the taste! this product will leave your muscles feeling round, full and hydrated all day long Features & Benefits: 2.5 grams of EAAS 5 grams of BCAAS Contains L-GLUTAMINE Raw Coconut Water Concentrate for natural hydration Full-spectrum electrolyte complex (Including Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium) 
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Axe & Sledge - HYDRAULIC $64.99
Axe & Sledge - HYDRAULIC Hydraulic is the first stimulant-free pre-workout of its kind. A pre-workout formula is free of any stimulants that you can actually feel! Get the blood coursing through your veins and ridiculous muscle pumps! Axe & Sledge uses combined and patented ingredients to enhance the mind-to-muscle connection, with an increased level of mental focus, increase blood flow, power & strength, and create more roundness and fullness to the muscles. Hydraulic is a revolutionary pump formula designed specifically for all those chasing that insane pump! Features & Benefits: Increases muscular pumps and performance Improves work capacity Enhances the mind to muscle connection Elevates focus and energy levels Promotes recovery
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Axe & Sledge - Ignition Switch - Stim Pre $49.99
Axe & Sledge - Ignition Switch - Stim Pre When it’s time to flip the switch, you can count on the ignition switch from Axe & Sledge to deliver! Ignition Switch is a stimulant-based pre-workout that was formulated for the hardest workers in the gym. with 4 patented ingredients, it contains only the best compounds to ignite those powerful pumps and intense workouts! With a combination of caffeine anhydrous, infinergy™ (dicaffeine malate), teacrine®, and five b vitamins, Ignition Switch provides you with sustained energy levels that last hours after you’re finished training, without the dreaded post-crash. Features & Benefits: Boosts exercise performance Enhances mental and physical energy levels Heightens focus Promotes muscular pumps Improves the mind-to-muscle connection Aids recovery