HD Muscle
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HD Muscle - Pre HD Ultra
HD Muscle - Pre HD Ultra PRE-HD ULTRA is a research-backed, effectively dosed, fast-acting ULTRA premium ergogenic aid truly worthy of the title “ALL IN ONE PRE-WORKOUT.” Hitting you literally in a matter of minutes, PRE-HD ULTRA delivers a training experience like nothing else on the market today. The heavy dosed facts panel is a precise combination of patented and clinically researched ingredients that have been meticulously formulated together to deliver: Features & Benefits: Increased muscle strength and endurance Improved blood flow and muscle hydration Elevated energy levels and focus Heightened mood and mental clarity
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HD Muscle - Vita HD
HD Muscle - Vita HD VITA-HD is a truly revolutionary, precisely dosed, one-of-a-kind supplement created to deliver results beyond traditional multivitamins and all-in-one mineral blends for complete and total human optimization. VITA-HD contains an innovative and efficaciously dosed combination of athlete-specific vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and nutrients designed to target specific systems and pathways in the human body to support athletic performance by helping: Features & Benefits: Prime and strengthen your immune and recovery systems from oxidative and free radical damage Enhance natural energy, mood and focus Promote cellular integrity and mitochondrial health Support efficient cellular oxygen consumption and cardiovascular endurance Reduce stress, fatigue and promote a state of balance Support healthy bone and joint health while reducing inflammation
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HD Muscle - Intra HD EAA
HD Muscle - Intra HD EAA INTRA-HD is an enhanced intra-workout product designed to improve muscular endurance and recovery; helping you to push past your last rep and jump-start your muscle recovery protocol. The innovative formula behind INTRA-HD combines key clinically validated ingredients at efficacious doses to deliver unrivalled results not typically experienced by other amino acid products on the market today. INTRA-HD contains ten grams of all nine essential amino acids, effectively supplying your muscles with all of the necessary amino acids required to maximize protein synthesis and enhance muscular development and recovery. Features & Benefits: Increasing peak power and endurance Limiting free radical damage to enhance recovery Supporting efficient cellular oxygen consumption Reducing muscle soreness and inflammation Rehydrating and utilizing electrolytes more efficiently
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HD Muscle - Burn HD
HD Muscle - Burn HD HD Muscle Burn HD is a clinically researched, carefully dosed premium thermogenic agent designed to support healthy weight management, lipolysis and cortisol safely and effectively. It offers a unique and innovative formulation of key ingredients that can help you to burn more calories throughout the day and provides a “feel good” sensory experience without overstimulating your system as experienced by most fat burners on the market today. Features & Benefits:  Increases fat metabolism Maximizes stress and cortisol support Elevates mood  Enhances energy and mental focus Reduces hunger
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HD Muscle - Pre HD Elite
HD Muscle - Pre HD Elite PRE-HD ELITE is a pump-inducing, nootropic infused, result-driven premium pre-workout designed to bring new meaning to non-stimulant pre-workouts and nitric oxide-based products. Formulated on the same premises as PRE-HD ULTRA, PRE-HD ELITE combines several keys clinically dosed, research-backed ingredients at safe and effective doses to bring you a heavy-hitting formula without the use of caffeine, Beta-Alanine or other heavy stimulants. Features & Benefits: Increased Nitric Oxide levels and muscle hydration Elevated strength, power and performance Enhanced energy and mood Heightened focus and mental clarity
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HD Muscle - PRO HD 2.2lbs
HD Muscle - PRO HD 2.2lbs Introducing Pro-HD, our 100% grass-fed whey isolate protein, formulated to be one of the purest, cleanest and what we feel to be the best tasting protein powders on the market today with absolutely zero fillers, blends or amino spiking and zero sugars, artificial flavours or dyes! Whey Protein Isolate is a superior form of protein and better absorbed by the body when compared to concentrates and blends. We utilize a cross-flow microfiltration process when manufacturing to further enhance our product quality helping to eliminate any unwanted impurities and excess fats, cholesterols, and lactose; ultimately enhancing absorption and digestion of Pro-HD and giving you the absolute best quality of protein your body needs. This is further enhanced by the inclusion of DigeSEB®, a unique proven and effective digestive enzyme blend that supports optimal breakdown, digestion and absorption of nutrients, ensuring our protein and other food sources you consume with Pro-HD are effectively utilized by your body.
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HD Muscle - Gluta HD
HD Muscle - Gluta HD Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, making up more than 60% of the protein found in muscles! It has a wide variety of benefits and responsibilities in the body such as recovery, immune health and function as well as gut health. HD Muscle GlutaHD is 100% vegan and derived from a fermented source to bring you the purest form of Glutamine available. GlutaHD can be taken anytime during the day and will help you sustain an overall healthier body inside and out.   Features & Benefits: Aids in recovery during intense bouts of stress, strenuous activity and even sickness Reduces catabolism and muscle wasting  Increases immune system Maintains healthy gut microbiome 
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HD Muscle - Carb HD
HD Muscle - Carb HD Fuel your workouts the right way with HD Muscle Carb HD! This is a revolutionary carbohydrate formula combining two of the most healthy, low-glycemic and effective carbohydrate sources on the market today. This product is designed to shuttle more nutrients into the muscle cells to give you a clean, sustained supply of energy while enhancing muscle fullness and hydration. Better quality fuel leads to better performance and muscle recovery. Carb HD is the perfect carbohydrate solution for anyone and any type of athlete! Features & Benefits: Provides clean and sustained energy levels Enhances endurance and recovery Increases muscle fullness and hydration Low osmolality and minimal GI issues
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HD Muscle - Liver HD
HD Muscle - Liver HD Support, protect, and promote a healthy liver with HD Muscle LiverHD! As one of the hardest working organs in the body, the liver takes some major wear and tear. LiverHD contains a powerhouse of ingredients to help support and promote optimal liver function as well as overall organ vitality.  Features & Benefits:  Enhance cell regeneration   Increase detoxification capacity  Protect against oxidative stress  Promote healthy bile production 
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HD Muscle - CreaHD
HD Muscle - CreaHD For the purest source of creatine on the market, look no further than HD Muscle CreaHD! This is a 100% vegan fermented source of Creatine Monohydrate that has been tested for quality, purity and effectiveness. Supplementing with CreaHD may increase muscle power, strength and performance during high-intensity activities and training, as it plays a key role in the body's energy production. Features & Benefits : Increased energy Faster recovery Aids in muscle growth Improved overall performance
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HD Muscle - Glyco HD
HD Muscle - Glyco HD Glyco HD was designed to aid in the uptake of glucose from the bloodstream into the muscles, where it can be used immediately to fuel activity or can be stored in the body to provide energy when needed later on! By better channelling glucose throughout the body, HD Muscle Glyco HD helps with your overall performance, recovery and physique composition. Unlike many other glucose disposal agents found on the market today, Glyco HD targets multiple pathways within the body and offers full-spectrum nutrient absorption and delivery.  Features & Benefits: Enhances blood flow and nitric oxide levels Enhanced nutrient absorption and uptake by muscles Aids in Insulin secretion and sensitivity Stabilizes blood glucose levels and spikes Helps with digestion and GI function Regulates good and bad cholesterol levels
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Pre HD Black
PreHD Black is a hard hitting, fast acting, stim-driven preworkout designed for the adrenaline junkies and stim enthusiasts at heart. PreHD Black is a comprehensive formulation containing optimally dosed sensory stimulating and blood flow enhancing compounds that provide unrivaled energy, focus, and intensity, for an unmatched workout experience. PreHD Black sets a new standard in the high-stim preworkout category — where you feel highest levels of stimulation, focus, and intensity, but still achieve unparalleled muscle pumps and vascularity. We accomplished this using scientifically-dosed patented compounds which synergize to increase nitric oxide production, expand plasma volume, and promote increased muscle blood flow in the face of high stimulation.  With just a single pre workout dose of PreHD Black you will quickly feel: Explosive energy and focus Decreased fatigue and greater endurance Heightened alertness an intensity Euphoria and heightened senses Increased muscle blood flow Unprecedented muscle pumps
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HD Muscle - Kidney HD
HD Muscle - Kidney HD Protect, repair and support healthy renal and kidney function with HD Muscle KidneyHD! The kidneys are the body's natural filters, from filtering blood before throughout the circulatory system, as well as eliminating toxins and waste throughout the body's cellular fluids via urine. With its innovative ingredient complexes, KidneyHD is able to target direct pathways in the body to help maintain optimal kidney function and detoxification.  Features & Benefits:     Healthy kidney function  Proper filtration  Healthy blood pressure support  Improving blood flow  Bladder health  Antioxidant support 
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HD Muscle - EAA-HD Unflavoured
HD Muscle - EAA-HD Unflavoured Our core series EAA is a 100% vegan amino acid product containing Amino9®, a leucine enriched, clinically backed blend of all nine essential amino acids which have been shown to aid in protein synthesis and muscle recovery, promote cellular energy and repair as well as limit muscle soreness.   Essential amino acids (EAA’s) are of vital importance to all athletes and active individuals as the human body cannot synthesize them on its own and therefore, we must consume them through proper diet and supplementation.  Also, many people tend to think they only need Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) for proper muscle recovery and support and though BCAA’s make up three of the nine essential amino acids, you truly are doing your body and health a disservice by not consuming all nine.  Amino9® has been shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis as much as whey protein and do so with a lower insulin spike and has also been shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis than BCAA’s!       Being non-dairy, gluten-free, allergen-free and 100% vegan sourced, our EAA’s can be taken by anyone looking to improve their overall health and physical performance.