Five Days Left To Save! Your Complete Guide to Saving

Five Days Left To Save! Your Complete Guide to Saving - INC.

From now until August 31st 2022, buy one get one 30% off storewide. This deal goes for both our online storefront and our brick and mortar store at 10069 Hurontario Street, Brampton. Weather you're looking for pre-workout, protein, BCAA or anything in between, we've got you covered. Here's some great product recommendations for your BOGO that will help you get set up with everything you need for your supplement journey. 

Pre Workout:

Redcon1 Total War  

TOTAL WAR's expert, award-winning pre-workout is packed with premium compounds such as caffeine, green tea, beta-alanine and juniper to provide new levels of high power to withstand the most demanding workouts. With 30 clinically dosed servings per container and transparent ingredient labeling, anyone can enjoy an elite-level pre-workout without breaking the bank or sacrificing a pre-workout with inferior ingredients. 

RYSE - Loaded Pre

Experience the power of the fusion of science and taste! RYSE Loaded Pre-Workout uses research-backed ingredients to help you get the most out of your workout. Our exclusive formula will give you more pumps, energy and focus at the gym. 


4.5 grams of pure L-citrulline per scoop
A powerful combination of NooTropic ingredients, including 10mg of Thinkamine™, helps you stay focused without crashing later
3.5g of beta-alanine to help overcome muscle fatigue
120mg of ZumXR™ for sustained-release caffeine to help prevent crashes
Fully transparent labels and formulas let you know exactly what you're putting in your body


Limitless Pharma - Isolate

This pure whey isolate promotes lean muscle mass growth, aids muscle recovery and increases strength. Whey isolate is the purest type of whey protein, with over 90% protein in its pure form. This is obtained by filtering Whey Protein Isolate to be free of lactose, carbohydrates, fat and cholesterol. 

This ensures your body gets the purest source of protein it deserves. Superstars around the world have been using our protein for years, but one thing hasn't changed. No more bloating and disappointment with unpleasant tastes. Every ingredient that is part of our superior protein success is lab tested for purity and potency.What you buy and see is what you get, nothing less.


The delicious Ghost protein you know and love now comes in a vegan formula. Ghost Vegan Protein combines a fully disclosed vegan protein blend that completely soy-free. Vegan protein combined with the legendary flavours, to deliver one ridiculously epic, plant-based protein product. Easy to drink, easy to digest and easy to become obsessed with.



Branched-chain amino acids that are delicious to sip on all day! Ghost BCAAs are an absolutely delicious way to get those amino acids in. Available in Sour Patch Kids candy flavours, take your Ghost BCAAs during your workout, throughout the day or before a night out. Contains full-spectrum amino ratios and a fully disclosed label for true ingredient information. 

Redcon1 Grunt EAA

For the athlete or bodybuilder who takes recovery seriously. Grunt is a potent and effective EAA formula packing 9 amino acids necessary for growing new and preserving existing muscle mass. Do not confuse EAA’s with BCAA. Although both are needed by the body and only provided via nutrition or supplementation, EAA’s are a complete protein source, whereas BCAA is not. 

These are a few of the many products we highly recommend looking into during our BOGO sale. Not only is it the perfect time to try something new, but prepare for the end of summer. Aside from this, our sale is live for other categories such as Vitamins, Creatine and Weight Management. Shop now!