How Long Do Energy Drinks Take To Kick In?

How Long Do Energy Drinks Take To Kick In? - INC.

Do you know where the power in your energy drinks comes from? The kick comes from a handful of supercharged ingredients such as Vitamin B, herbal extracts, and amino acids. However, you may be surprised to know that the key source of energy and fuel primarily comes from caffeine.
Caffeine is a stimulant that increases the activity of your brain and nervous system. It helps increase focus and alertness while giving you a jolt of energy to get through an active day. Whether you are aiming to give 100% of your energy to your workout or pull an all-nighter before an exam, energy drinks can be useful for a burst of replenishment before any task.

How does an energy drink work?
Caffeine takes around 10 minutes to enter your system, and an additional 20 - 45 minutes to fully absorb into the bloodstream. As it takes up to 45 minutes for caffeine to reach its peak, we suggest you consume your energy drink 30 minutes prior to your workout to maximize the effects of caffeine.

What does it do?
Caffeine increases the heart rate and blood pressure, acting as an energizing stimulant. It also initializes a sense of adrenaline rush, leading to increased focus and alertness as well as a strong mind-body connection.
An adrenaline rush is the “fight-or-flight” hormones released in your body to protect you from any threats. This energy rush aids you in pushing you through those last few reps which are the most crucial for workout progress, regardless of your end goal. Harness this natural instinct and use it to build the best version of yourself!

The Science Behind Caffeine
Caffeine is structurally similar to adenosine (a chemical that makes you sleepy) on a chemical level. When you drink an energy drink, the caffeine binds to your brain’s adenosine receptors, speeding up the nerve cells instead of slowing them down. This leads to an increase in firing neurons. The pituitary gland senses the sudden increase in energy and assumes an emergency is occurring, leading to the release of adrenaline hormones. Some effects of an adrenaline rush are:


  • Faster heart-rate
  • Increased blood flow to the muscles
  • Dilated pupils
  • Opening up of airway
  • Decrease inability to feel pain
  • Increase in overall strength and endurance

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