Reach your fitness goals with 2022's best fitness apps

Reach your fitness goals with 2022's best fitness apps - INC.
Get fit with fitness apps! The promise that they can keep us focused and on track with our health goals has us all hooked.

2022 is here and many of us have made resolutions to work out and eat better. As most of us have discovered by now, that can also be a very difficult task. We all know that eating the right foods and moving our bodies is good for us, but it's not always a priority when stress is high. Thanks to technology, we can maximize our workouts and eat healthy for a longer period of time! Is the new Apple Watch on your wish list for the track? It's the time!

There are hundreds of fitness apps to choose from. Fear not! These are the best of the best apps we have scoured the app stores for.

Map My Run

RATING: apple, 4.7/5 android, 4.8/5

Over the years, Map My Run has consistently been rated as one of the best workout apps. All your running routes are kept together in one location with an easy-to-use interface. Users can also share their runs with other users directly from the app. This is quite often a great way to make sure you stay accountable for your workouts! You can track your workouts, progress towards your goals, as well as find free workouts with Map My Run free. According to most users, the MVP version costs $30 annually (or $5.99 per month). Among the upgrades is free coaching, no ads, and an improved bio tracking system.

Zombies, Run!

RATING: apple, 4.8/5 android, 4.7/5

There are some people who are born to run marathons, and there are others who need a little extra motivation. The Zombies Run game can help you with that. The purpose of this app is to make running more fun, and it does just that. The program's story centers on a runner who is tasked with finding provisions during a zombie apocalypse. In some cases, supplies can even be used to upgrade your own in-app fort. It also features a couch to 5K program and you can listen to your music during breaks in the story via Spotify and other music apps.

My Fitness Pal

RATING: apple, 4.7/5 android, 4.5/5

The reason My Fitness Pal has been around for years is that it works! A free version is available that is limited to tracking calories, but the paid version is where this app really excels. Paying $80 a year or $20 a month after the free trial is over. It may seem costly, but users say this app truly works! With the paid version, you're able to track your nutrition by protein, fat, and carb count. Additionally, it tracks your calories burned while you exercise automatically. It will guide you through setting nutrition and workout goals based on your lifestyle when you first sign up. Then it will generate workout and recipe suggestions that will help you achieve those goals!

8 Fit Fitness App

RATING: apple, 4.7/5 android, 4.5/5

You can improve your overall health with 8fit by downloading the app. The app keeps track of your diet, weight, workouts, and mental health. Three main trackers are available to choose from: one for nutrition, one for workouts, and one for daily steps. By setting attainable goals in all three areas, they guide you and offer support. Eight fit includes HIIT training, yoga training, and bodyweight exercises. Even though it's a bit pricey at $60 a year, they do offer a free trial, and the app's high ratings indicate that people agree it's worth the cost for those features.

Nike Training Club

RATING: apple, 4.9/5 android, 4.5/5

You can track your workouts with Nike Training Club and access workout routines used by real athletes! Exercises can be sorted by muscle group, workout type, and equipment needed. With this, you can tailor the perfect workout to your needs. Furthermore, you can set your own goals through workout plans. As with My Fitness Pal, you will be asked questions about your health and what you wish to achieve. After answering these questions, the fitness plan will be suggested! This is completely free to use. Absolutely for free! You are not required to upgrade to a 'pro' version while using the app.

Sworkit Fitness App

RATING: apple, 4.7/5 android, 4.1/5

Beginners will find Sworkit to be an ideal app. Among the exercises offered are workouts for pregnant women, older adults and people looking for low-intensity exercises. A personal trainer is also available if you choose. They have over 400 workouts in their library. Exercise apps like Sworkit provide multiple fitness options, including yoga and cardio workouts. Additionally, the app offers challenges every month to challenge users with something new. Workouts can also be personalized and shared. Sworkit is a great place to find quality workouts without feeling overwhelmed. It is widely regarded as a worthwhile app that is well worth the $10 a month it costs.


RATING: apple, 4.8/5 android, 4.5/5

Whether you're a gym rat or a home workout enthusiast, Jefit is the ideal app. You can plan workouts precisely according to how many sets and reps you need. You can also track your weight loss, BMI, and rest periods for optimal recovery with Jefit. With the Jefit app, you can select from over 1,400 workouts. Free users can use all of these features. Access to even more premium workouts and additional stats is available for an additional $7 per month. The app is the right option for weight trainers or people who want to achieve very specific goals.