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Grenade - Carb Killa Protein Bars
GRENADE - CARB KILLA PROTEIN BARS All the chocolate goodness without the sugar guilt! Say hello to the Carb Killa high protein, low carbohydrate bar. This triple-layered, chocolate-coated protein bar is high in protein and low in sugar, offering ultimate guilt-free indulgence. Perfect for a post-workout pick-me-up, a mid-day treat or an on-the-go snack, the Carb Killa chocolate protein bar can be enjoyed at any time of the day! With a wide variety of flavours available, it'll be hard to choose just 1 to be your favourite.  Features & Benefits: High Protein  (over 23 grams per bar) Super low in carbohydrates and Sugar High in fibre  GMO Ingredient free Over 15 Flavours to choose from
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Warrior Crunch - Protein Bar
Warrior Crunch - Protein Bar Warrior CRUNCH bars are possibly the tastiest low carb, high protein bar ever to hit the market! A richly delicious, multi-layered, crunchy low-carb, high protein bar that is perfect any time of day. Features & Benefits: Very High Protein - 20g Per Bar Low Carbs and Low Sugar Triple-layer gooey goodness Incredibly tasty Warrior CRUNCH bars are the result of over 12 months of research and development, working 24 hour days to blend a high protein, low carb, healthy nutritional profile into something that gives you the true "candy bar" experience. CRUNCH bars are packed with 20 grams of healthy protein, encased in a layer of gorgeously gooey caramel, and wrapped in delicious chocolate. Warrior CRUNCH bars have almost as much protein as a chicken breast, yet taste like a Michellin starred desert. Just 2.3g's of sugar per bar, and 2.3g of impact carbs, Warrior CRUNCH is the perfect protein bar for dieting, eating clean, and keeping lean all year round. Built for Warriors, designed for athletes, driven to victory
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Alani Nu - Fit Snacks Protein Bars
Alani Nu - Fit Snacks Protein Bars Alani Nu - Fit Snacks Protein Bars: A protein bar like no other has finally arrived. Forget the chalky taste and hard-to-chew textures, Alani Nu formulated a protein bar that’s delicious, sweet and sure to satisfy.  Features & Benefits: 170 calories 16 grams of protein 5 grams of sugar Great taste and texture
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Redcon1 - MRE Bars
Redcon1 - MRE Bars Redcon1 MRE Bar is a delicious Crunchy Peanut Butter Cup is a real whole food-based bar packed with 20g of protein. MRE Bar protein sources include beef protein isolate, salmon protein, chicken protein, egg albumin, brown rice protein & pea protein. Features & Benefits: 20 grams of protein Real Whole Food Sources Contains No Whey Contains 12 Bars
RAW x My Cookie Dealer - Protein Cookies - INC. RAW x My Cookie Dealer - Protein Cookies - INC.
RAW x My Cookie Dealer - Protein Cookies
When you try a My Cookie Dealer Cookie you will instantly recognize this isn't your average protein cookie! Enjoy a cookie that gives you all the pleasure of eating a gourmet cookie with the added benefits of your protein! Each cookie has been infused using RAW Nutrition Protein that has been 3rd party tested and has met the highest industry testing standards. Once you try our cookies you will hooked! RAW Nutrition has partnered with the king of sweets for a collaboration like you’ve never seen before. Introducing the limited time My Cookie Dealer x RAW Vegan Protein The My Cookie Dealer RAW Vegan Protein Cookie comes with the following flavors: Chocolate Chip Strawberry Toaster Pastry Milk & Cookies